Our Ball Markers


Our ball markers are completely HandMade.   Every step in the process: from Prep, Stamping, Finishing and Paint Fill, is done by hand.  This makes every single piece unique. Every letter, number or image you see, is a swing of the hammer.  Although we have some standard designs, no 2 markers will ever be 100% identical.


Our ball markers are made from PURE COPPER.  A soft metal that will darken, or patina over time.  Since copper is a soft metal, it handles stamping very well. Hand stamping makes a nice deep, clear impression that allows for easy paint fill.

Size and Weight

At 1.25” Diameter and ⅛” thick, we feel our ball markers are the perfect size on the green.  The weight is substantial, at just under an ounce when finished. Nothing about our product feels flimsy or cheap.